Plan Howard 2030

PlanHoward 2030 creates a sustainable framework for enhancing our economy, environment and quality of life. It was adopted in 2012 by the County Council as a comprehensive update of General Plan 2000 and provides the policies and actions that will help guide a shared vision for Howard County's future.

Please use this site as a resource for plan materials and other information related to Howard County planning.

The Process

Phase 4, Spring 2012: County Council Considers Draft Plan
Press Release
After the Planning Board's review and recommendations, the proposed General Plan is submitted as legislation for consideration by the County Council. The legislative process involves introduction of the General Plan as a Council Bill (CB-26-2012), a public hearing for citizen testimony, work sessions that may be requested by the Council and final consideration of the plan.

Phase 3, Spring 2012: Preliminary Draft Plan
Press Release
The County's Planning Board will hold a public hearing to obtain citizen testimony on the plan. Prior to the hearing, the Board will host a series of open houses across the County to introduce the plan, answer questions and solicit public input. The Board will provide its recommendations on the plan to the County Council for final review and approval.

Phase 2, Summer 2011 - Winter 2012: Alternative Actions and Draft Plan Recommendations

The adopted guidelines identify key issues the County will address in the General Plan. Staff will investigate alternative approaches, policies and actions. In the fall, the General Plan Task Force will meet to provide advice on policy and strategy alternatives, as well as implementation priorities.

Phase 1, Spring - Summer 2011: Plan Guidelines
Adopted Guidelines

Updating the County’s General Plan begins with developing Guidelines for studying the many challenges and opportunities that will influence how Howard evolves over the next 20 years. A citizen Task Force has been convened to provide advice. The County’s Planning Board will hold public meetings on the draft Guidelines and the final Guidelines are reviewed and adopted by the County Council.
Task Force Announcement | Members

The Plan

PlanHoward 2030 is an update of the 2000 Howard County General Plan. The release of the adopted plan follows several months of Task Force and Planning Board discussion of topics that are critical to the County's future. The plan was adopted by the County Council during its July 2012 legislative session.

To access the plan, please open the following PlanHoward 2030 link.

Adopted PlanHoward 2030
The online version of PlanHoward 2030 allows key word and phrase searches to be performed on the document. Once the document is open this function can be enabled by pressing Ctrl + F.

PlanHoward 2030 Fiscal Impact Analysis
Adopted addendums to General Plan 2000:
Water Resources Element
Downtown Columbia Plan

What's New

Counci Bill 18-2015
GPA 2015-1 Patapsco Heritage Area Amendment

PlanHoward 2030 Initial Review
The initial review of the plan is set forth under Policy 2.1, c and intended to provide the County Council with an early snapshot of agency progress on the many Implementing Actions in the plan.